Dog Cage Whether The Degree Of Firmness And Structure Is Reasonable

The method of choosing suitable dog cages

1. Choose the right cage according to the dog's size

There is a saying is to choose the size of the dog three times times the size of the cage, but how to calculate is three times times the size of the big? If it comes from the size of the cage, the top and the corners are virtually unusable for dogs. Others say just enough to turn the dog's width. I personally think relatively simple for the size of the cage is the length of the dog is twice times longer, should be suitable for the dog. But if you buy a puppy is a puppy, to consider the growth of it, so the cage must refer to the dog's adult size to buy AH.

2. The extent of dog cages

If you buy a cage you will find that the texture of the cages is mostly iron, there are wire, or columnar square iron bar, for the small size of the dog, The wire is can be used, but for the larger the body size of the dog is to choose a square iron bar, relative to the wire to a lot of strong. The advantage of the wire is that if you want to use it, it can be folded and put away.

3. Is the structure of the dog cage reasonable

In general, the form of dog cages is not a lot, most of them are more reasonable, the following tray, you can easily clean the dog's urine. I would like to remind you to observe that the square steel bar of the dog Cage (that is, the plastic tray above the bottom of the cage) is not active, can be taken out of the cleaning, because the dog's stool will stick to the top, if not to get out is too troublesome. There is a large size of the wire dog cage, usually there is no wheels, this is very inconvenient, to move to be moved to move up will be very heavy, small size of the wire dog cage will not be too difficult to move.